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I used to live down the street from a guy named Joe. Joe was a local fake cop. One morning Joe forgot his car keys, and on that key chain were his house keys. Joe went over to a window of his home and started trying to get in. Just as he pops open the window, one of the new rookie cops who started while Joe was on vacation drives by, and arrests Joe, for breaking into his own house. Rookie had a lot of explaining to do that day at the station. At least Joe got to work.

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Today, my husband and I celebrated the 10th anniversary of married life. We remembered how hard it was in the beginning. A black man (supposed to be better!) dating a white woman. This time, we decided to do without gifts. Today, when I woke up, my husband was on his feet. I went into the living room and gasped: it was all in the wonderful wildflowers, beautifully arranged. Who can say that love has any borders? We love soul, not nationality.

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How to Become a vBulletin Forum Administrator


Administrator on vBulletin A vBulleting administrator has a number of privileges on the forum. In most cases, the administrator acts as a moderator on the forum and can make changes to anything on the forum including deleting comments and contributions by other users. They handle announcements, permissions and stylevars. It is like being able to […]